If you want to sell your property for the best possible price you should not leave this to chance, but to an expert who understands the true value of the property. With over a decade of experience, Candour has all necessary tools to guide you through the sales process smoothly.


    Here you will find 7 steps towards the successful sale of your property


    1. Initial Consultation

    During the initial consultation it is crucial for us to understand your expectation for the sale. Our agent will provide you expert advice based on in-depth knowledge of the local market. We assure a personalized yet professional approach and will use all necessary tools to get the job done right.


    2. Selling Price Estimation

    When you are selling a property, pricing it accurately is extremely important. If the price set too high it can end up sitting on the market for months, and if the price is too low you will not get as much money as your property is worth. Finding the right asking price can be a difficult task. In fact, owners and agents do not decide what a property will sell for – the market does. The role of the agent is to be a translator in the overall marketing process. There is only one determinant of the current ‘worth’ of a property and that is what someone is prepared to pay for it – a specific price, at a specific time.


    3. Marketing the Property

    We develop a tailored marketing concept for your property. Our area specialized agent will identify the unique selling points of your property and make it stand out among the rest of properties in the market. We expose your property to a wide range of prospective clients through professional photo shoots of units; extensive advertising campaigns on all major property portals, our company website, social media, outdoor advertisement, participation in major property exhibitions and roadshows.


    4. Conducting Viewings

    There is no second chance for a first impression, which is why it is important to prepare your property for a viewing taking into consideration all aspects, making sure the potential clients can imagine your property as their new home or excellent investment opportunity. We advise to get all minor repairs done and give recommendations for creating an inviting atmosphere.


    5. Regular Reporting on the Sale Process

    We keep you informed of the sales progress so you are always up to date.

    Working with Candour you will always have a designated contact person to deal with throughout the whole sales process. You will be getting regular updates on the status of sale, detailed feedbacks of potential clients after viewings, updates on your property marketing performance. Communication with you is one of the key aspects to make the sale a success.


    6. Contract Negotiation

    We at Candour will represent your interests with both professionalism and integrity.  Our team are highly skilled and have proven negotiation strategies. It’s worked for our clients, time and time and time again.


    7. Conveyancing

    Our Conveyancing team deals with sellers, buyers, developers, the mortgager and mortgagee banks and Dubai Land Department and other related organisations every day and are well versed in handling all sorts of requirements, procedures, policies and processes, freeing you from the stress associated with a property transfer. With the help of our conveyancers, you will find the process simple, easy to understand, and professionally managed.

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