Candour /ˈkandə/


Quality of being open and honest; frankness

“a man of refreshing candour”

We analyze the full spectrum of your interests and requirements, bring detailed, expert knowledge of the local market into the equation, and advise on the best locations, property and transaction types, prices and timing.

What is best? Well we are.

Candour earned its high reputation in Dubai when the market crashed in 2008 and the team helped people consolidate their positions by negotiating with developers and reducing their financial impact to the minimum.

Whether you are investing in a new commercial tower, buying rental properties off plan, or deciding where in Dubai to open a restaurant, Candour has the information and advice you need to make the best decision possible, at the optimum time.

Be positive but conservative!

Candour doesn’t follow the herd. What everyone seems to be doing may be the wrong thing to do. That ‘s why most people seem to find themselves on the wrong side of prevailing market trends so often.

What matters is your individual circumstance, based on your portfolio and goals, and the true and direct input that we provide. The herd wants to follow Candour.

Ashirwad Somani - Chairman

Ashirwad Somani began his career with CitiBank and was soon recruited by Celucomm as Chief Management Accountant, implementing ISO standards. When Ashirwad bought his first Dubai property in 2007, he was unimpressed with the cold, impersonal approach of the real estate agents. Then and there, he left his job and launched his mission to bring passion and fire, as well as insight and customer focus to Dubai real estate. Candour was born and by 2010 business had grown to a team of seventeen passionate professionals.

Today, Ashirwad manages over 250,000,000 AED worth of investors’ portfolios, actively investing into short-term and medium-term profitable real estate.

Nishat Bandali - Chief Executive Officer

A lawyer, trained at one of London’s finest schools, Nishat Bandali brings to Candour a laser focus on hot trends as well as a deep understanding of investment banking, global marketing, derivatives markets and real estate gaps and opportunities.

In 2007, with investment experience at Goldman Sachs and Crédit Suisse under his belt, Nishat moved to Dubai with his family. He initially served as Chief Marketing Officer for the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange giving him big-picture knowledge of the Dubai marketplace. As Director of MAG PD, a leading Dubai developer, Nishat sold close to 500,000,000 AED worth of real estate in a matter of months

Elevator Theory

How long did you have to wait for an elevator when you last visited a commercial building in Dubai? For the real estate professionals at Candour, even that piece of seemingly insignificant information has importance—because it is added to the wealth of data and observations they amass daily, and their deep knowledge of Dubai real estate—for assessing the right moment to venture into the waters of commercial real estate investments.

Long waits for elevators, especially in emerging sectors of the city, can mean that commercial buildings are filling up, the glut of commercial real estate is evaporating, demand is increasing, and prices may soon be rising.

Of course, no one would base a decision on a new commercial real estate investment on a single visit to a busy corporate tower. Candour studies all types of data and trends, every day, to be able to offer their clients such subtle and powerful advice as, “Yes, this is a low price point. You should look at investment options now. But don’t invest hastily; there may be a further reduction in the next two to five months. Take your time.”

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