Your Dream Villa for Sale in Dubai

“Imagine waking up with your success every day in your dream house.”

This could be you in your new Dubai home. Career-Driven and family-oriented has been your life motto. You reflect often on your younger self. Back then, you were eager to move mountains and knew you would reach the stars. Now, it’s time to reap all the fruits of your hard-earned success. It’s time to find your dream villa for sale in Dubai.

A new house shows your grit and determination to advance your life and that of your family. This life you live now was only a distant dream when you were growing up. Every person may have different stories in achieving their success. But your new Dubai property is a product that perfectly represents what you’ve worked so hard for.

Finding the perfect house in Dubai can be enticing but also overwhelming. Candour Property is here to help pair you with the perfect property. With us, you’ll find some of the best Dubai real estate options. Look at what is available and start making plans for your big move.

Enjoy This Beautiful Country with Your New Dubai Property

So, what is it like living as an expat and buying a villa for sale in Dubai? Many people will tell you that living in Dubai is about money. Yes, Dubai offers a lot of professional and business opportunities. So, even if you come here unemployed, you will find many great opportunities that match your skillset.

But above that, Dubai can also enhance your international experience. Indeed, living in Dubai is the ultimate way to interact with diverse cultures and lifestyles. 80% of the total population of Dubai are immigrants. This means that you will have the opportunity to meet new friends from places around the globe.

Dubai has many opportunities to play as well. You can enjoy outdoor activities during the mild winter season in the months of October through April. On the other hand, you will not bore of the summer adventures. Enjoy activities like water skiing, indoor skydiving, and splashing around beautiful waterparks. Be amazed because Dubai is also home to the tallest building in the world.

Buying a villa for sale in Dubai has become more streamlined in recent years. Another bonus is access to some of the cheapest gasoline in the world. Indeed, buying a Dubai property gives a year-round pass to a fun, diverse, luxurious lifestyle.

Common Questions About Buying A Villa for Sale in Dubai


If you are thinking about buying Dubai real estate, you’ll want to know about the pricing of a Dubai property. However, the pricing will depend on the type of property you want to buy. The average cost of a house in Dubai starts from 1 to 5 million AED or 270,000 to 1,350,000 USD. This clearly shows a wide range of inexpensive to higher priced properties available.

Villa Vs Apartment

If you want to enjoy living in the abundance of this prosperous country with a large family, it is better to look for a villa for sale in Dubai. Imagine a spacious garden or terrace that you can enjoy any time of the year. If this sounds ideal, a Dubai villa is the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you are single or a small family, an apartment may be a good fit.

Foreign Ownership

Foreign nationals and investors are allowed to purchase a Dubai property on a freehold basis. These freehold properties are in designated areas of the city.  But don’t worry, there are over 60 freehold areas available. Choose to live as a non-national with absolute power on your Dubai property. Expats who own real estate enjoy access to special visa opportunities.

Investment Value

Investment in Dubai real estate for foreign nationals is a great asset. Dubai boasts prime real estate opportunities at some of the most affordable prices across cities of the world. It is also one of the best cities to visit and live. Buying a villa for sale in Dubai will do wonders for you both personally and professionally.

Shop the Best of Dubai Real Estate

So, start searching through the properties available in Dubai for your dream home. Dubai offers many benefits to the people living here. It’s your turn to be one of them and enjoy the success that you’ve worked so hard for.

Condour Property offers a wide range of Dubai real estate that you can choose from. We have the best villas suited for your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. Find your dream villa for sale in Dubai. Contact our team today and get ready to live your dream on your new Dubai property.

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